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Ethical Sourcing, Made Easy For Buyers Everywhere

Rethink Retail Buying

Kanekta is a digital sourcing platform connecting ethical brands and suppliers to retail buyers across the globe.

We make stocking your shelves with responsible brands easy. Boutiques, gift shops, home and lifestyle stores and e-commerce curators alike can place purchase orders from multiple brands directly, through a simple, streamlined buying process for all parties involved.

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Consciously Curated Community

Across the globe there exists an endless supply of conscious products created as either a means to lift communities out of a cycle of exploitation or to set an example for sustainable and fair business practice.

They exist because of their belief in fairness and transparency and through their collective actions, the inequalities that exist within our supply chains will soon be obsolete. As a way to elevate their potential, we created Kanekta, a platform specific to products that are free from modern slavery and environmental destruction.

Brands on Kanekta

Join the retail revolution: stock your shelves with responsible brands from across the globe, in a matter of minutes.

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Kanekta makes incorporating wholesale into a brand’s sales strategy easy by placing the power and control back in the hands of brands.

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We have created a system so that buyers know exactly what they are choosing to put in front of customers.

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